Home remedies for cut lips – the most effective

Lips can become dry and chapped due to the weather, and health problems such as colds, or the habit of frequently running your tongue over them. It can be annoying, painful and unsightly, so it is normal for us to look for a remedy when this problem occurs. It is best to hydrate and nourish them in depth, for which we can opt for commercial products such as balms or to use very effective natural remedies, such as olive oil, coconut oil, honey, shea butter and beeswax. Read on to find out how to use these home remedies for cut lips.

Home remedies for cut lips - the most effective

Why do you cut your lips

Most of the time our lips are chapped or parched for reasons that we could prevent. For example, among the main causes of chapped lips we find:

  • Licking lips frequently: Among the most common reasons is the fact of passing the tongue over the lips very frequently. Saliva does not hydrate the skin, it only gives us a feeling of relief for an instant, and what it really does is favor the skin from drying out and external factors, such as wind or cold, affect it more.
  • The cold and the dry environment: the lack of humidity and the cold and the wind favor the skin to become very dry and chapped. As the lips are an area very exposed to external agents of this type, they are easily cut, being able to bleed and leaving small and annoying wounds.
  • Sun exposure: in the same way as cold, the dry environment due to excess sun, in addition to the effect of the sun’s rays on the skin, also cuts the skin of the lips.
  • Allergies: allergic reactions, mainly skin and food, are possible causes of poor condition of the skin of the mouth and around.
  • Sleeping with your mouth open: This unconscious habit, which can be due to many factors, causes the skin of the mouth to become dry due to the fact that you are constantly receiving dry air, in addition to drying out saliva, throat, etc.

Olive oil

What is good for parched lips? Of course, one of the best remedies for treating dry, cracking skin is olive oil. There are many benefits that it has to take care of the skin of any part of the body, since thanks to its composition olive oil has properties for the skin such as deep nutrition, hydration and regeneration.

Using olive oil for cut lips is really easy and effective. Take note of this home remedy and you will see that from the first moment you notice relief.

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  1. Buy olive oil, if possible extra virgin, as it contains better properties for the health of the dermis.
  2. Apply a few drops on your finger or on a cotton ball and spread it on your chapped lips.
  3. Carefully massage the affected skin with gentle circles, thus activating circulation and facilitating the absorption of this oil.
  4. Let it absorb well on its own, don’t wash or run your tongue.
  5. Use it several times a day, as many as you want or feel you need, but especially before going to sleep.

From the first moment you will notice an improvement and after 3 days you will notice that your lips no longer have deep cuts.

Coconut oil

Another way to hydrate very dry lips is to use coconut oil, since it contains high levels of very effective fatty acids to nourish, regenerate and hydrate the dermis in depth. To heal your dry and chapped lips with coconut oil, just follow these instructions:

  1. Acquire organic coconut oil, as it is the most natural and healthy, as well as most effective in treating dermis problems.
  2. Since coconut oil always remains solid when it cools, you have to heat it first in a water bath or in the microwave, in order to apply it well when it is liquid. We recommend taking only a teaspoon or half of this and placing it in a container to heat it, since you will not need more.
  3. If you live in a place that is not very cold, just by running the cotton or your finger on the surface of the oil, you already have enough, without having to heat it up more.
  4. Once you have liquid, with your finger or with a cotton ball apply it to your lips and massage gently to activate circulation and allow it to be absorbed well.
  5. Remember not to clean or lick your lips.
  6. Apply it, like olive oil, as many times a day as you need. In a short time you will notice great improvement and you will show soft and cared lips.

Shea butter

What is good for hydrating lips? Aside from the remedies already discussed, another remedy to heal chapped lips is shea butter. This vegetable shortening allows the lips to be greased with oils that provide fatty acids that nourish and regenerate the dermis. Without a doubt it is one of the remedies that hydrates the lips the most and gives the best result and lasts the longest. To use shea butter for your lips follow these tips:

  1. Buy the butter in a natural products store or an herbalist, make sure it is organic so that it has higher quality.
  2. You can apply the butter directly to your lips or mix it first with a little olive oil so that it is a little less thick and, in this way, you also benefit from this oil.
  3. Apply the shea butter especially when you are leaving the house, to protect the lips well, since it acts as a lip balm and protector.
  4. Use it as many times as you need a day, but at least once to start noticing results in a few days, and avoid removing it with your tongue.


It is a perfect product to make your own lip balms. Beeswax has very good properties for the skin, as it hydrates and nourishes, regenerates and reduces scars, it is soothing and helps to lighten the skin, to have a more even tone on the lips again.

To use beeswax for cut lips you can simply apply it directly, like shea butter, since it also protects from external agents very effectively, or you can make a lip balm to apply it in the same way but with more effectiveness by having more suitable ingredients to treat this problem.

To do it, you just have to mix 3 tablespoons of beeswax, with 1 of honey and 1/2 small tablespoon of almond oil. First melt the wax a little and mix everything together until the ingredients are well integrated. Let it cool and you will have the balm ready to use. Apply it as much as you need, but at least a couple or three times a day is the most advisable.


Finally, we recommend using honey for cut and dry lips. This natural product has many excellent properties to treat the dermis in depth. The main benefits of honey for the skin are its cleansing action and its ability to deeply nourish and hydrate.

The best way to apply it to dry and cracked lips is to buy natural honey, organic if possible, and apply a thin layer directly to your fingers that covers the entire area well. Then let it stay as long as possible and if after two or three hours you still have some honey on your lips, you can remove it with warm water and a gentle circular massage.

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