How to give a facial massage

Receiving a facial massage is one of the most relaxing and calming sensations that exists. In addition, this type of massage improves the blood circulation of the face, eliminates or reduces accumulated tension and by mobilizing skin tissue, is also a good way to rejuvenate it and make it look firmer and smoother. Facial massages can be done in a self-sufficient way, but it is ideal for someone else to do it for us, so we can relax and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Keep reading this article and learn how to give a step-by-step facial massage.

How to give a facial massage

First of all, you should know that to give a good facial massage, it is best to use oils instead of creams, since these tend to be greasier and do not offer the same result. Thus, an oil that is compatible with the patient’s skin type and that contains nourishing and moisturizing properties should be chosen above all to improve its appearance.
The person receiving the massage should wear a headband or scarf to remove the hair from the forehead and leave the face completely clear. Otherwise, the massage will not be comfortable or pleasant.
Before starting to give the facial massage, pour a few drops of the selected oil on your fingertips and rub both hands to warm slightly. Then apply it to the patient’s face, gently caressing areas such as the chin, cheeks and nose.
After caressing the patient’s entire face several times, you should start massaging it. To do it correctly, slide your fingertips over the face, starting from the chin and moving up to the front. The way to do this is to gently push the skin up but firmly.
The next step is to pinch your eyebrows with your thumb and forefinger. It is an area in which a lot of tension generally accumulates, and with this movement it is possible to release it and relax the patient.
The next area to treat is the nose. In this area, you have to separate the different lines of expression with the index fingers and push the tip of the nose, holding it firmly. Finally, you have to make small circular movements with your fingertips from the top of the bridge of the nose down and down to the nostrils.
The facial massage should continue with the eye area. Apply light pressure just below these with your ring fingers and do it from the inside out. Advise the patient to take deep breaths just as they are about to begin this movement and to draw air out whenever they feel pressure.
When you have finished the eye massage, focus on the jaw. In this area, you have to make a sucking motion using your thumb and the side of your index finger. In this case, the direction of movement goes from the inside to the outside of the face. You can apply the same technique on the neck. When you are finished, the patient should stretch the muscles of their mouth, opening it slightly and moving it to all sides.
The next area is the one between the jaw and the cheeks. Make a few quick and short pinches in this area to make the blood go to this part of the face and thus reactivate the circulation.
Once the different parts of the face have been massaged, you must make the typing movement. This consists of simulating the movement that is made when playing a piano, that is, giving small and gentle blows to the face with the fingertips and alternately.
To finish the facial massage, caress the different areas of the face and neck again and gradually reduce the strength and intensity of the movements.



  • It is also helpful to apply cucumber slices or cold tea bags to your eyes after having a massage. This will help tone the area around the eyes.

Receiving a facial massage is calming but if you have irritated skin you’ll need more than that. Learn how to calm irritated skin with natural remedies here.

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