Avoid dry lips and stay soft and kissable!

You’re looking in the mirror checking yourself out and feeling gorgeous (as you are) and oh no, what’s that!? Your lips are pale, dry and cracked! Ugh, WHY?

Well…the skin on our lips is very delicate and sensitive, so much so that our lips often respond to seasons, temperature changes and even poor air quality due to pollution. As a result, our lips tend to become dry and dehydrated which causes cracking in the lips. You may also experience discomfort, burning sensations or even pain and in more severe cases your lips may bleed! Seasons such as winter and summer are particularly harsh and are common causes of dry lips. We know you want to have luscious kissable lips all year round and to help you to do just that we are giving you some great tips to prevent dry lips!

Tips to prevent dry lips!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It is important to keep your lips constantly hydrated, especially when temperatures are extremely hot or extremely cold (including when using heating systems or when in air conditioning). You can hydrate your lips with a colorless lip moisturizer (ex. chap-stick or lip balm) or even with petroleum jelly. Always, always carry your lip moisturiser with you. Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated also helps to combat dry lips!

Use Sun Protection

During the summer it helps to use a lip balm with sun protection, especially if you plan to constantly expose yourself to the sun. Stay fun and flirty all summer long with healthy lips free of cracks.

Avoid Long-lasting lipsticks

Yup, we said it! Whilst we love love love a long-lasting lipstick the truth is they dry out our lips! Creamy liquid lipsticks are better for retaining moisture in the lips. We know you won’t stop using long-lasting lipsticks altogether but for the sake of your soft supple lips, limit your use of them!

Don’t lick your lips!

This is probably the most difficult tip to follow because we often lick our lips without being consciously aware that we’re doing so. If your lips are dry, do not lick them because saliva is bad for dry lips! Your lips may feel moist immediately after but not for long as your saliva will dry out your lip even more. Use your lip moisturizers instead.

Remove excess dead skin

If your lips are chapped, you can use a soft toothbrush or a towel wet with water, to remove the excess skin.You can do this at night while you prepare for bed. Be delicate when removing excess skin because sometimes aggressive and vigorous treatment of the skin on your lips can further aggravate their condition.

Lips are one of our most noticeable features and moist, soft, kissable lips are extremely attractive. Take care of your lips using these tips and you’ll want to kiss yourself!