How to prepare the skin for makeup

girl applying toner to prep her skin for makeup

Flawless glowing skin is always the aim when applying makeup. But to achieve this, not only do you need to know the techniques but it is also important that our complexion is in good condition to receive all the products that you will apply. Here are some tips to prepare the skin for makeup.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Before applying makeup, it is necessary that your face is perfectly clean from all products applied the night before.

Step 2:

After your face is clean you should hydrate it with a special cream for your skin type intended for the day. This will allow you to protect your complexion from inclement weather and make it stay healthy.

Step 3:

Then you can proceed to apply makeup starting with a very important step: the base. This product will help you unify your face by reducing red areas or hiding small defects, it will also allow the compact and the rest of the products to be fixed and maintained for longer.

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Step 4:

The rest will already depend on your personal tastes, although the usual thing is the use of a compact powder, makeup for your eyes, mascara, blush and a touch of shine for your lips.

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