Common mistakes when plucking eyebrows

Plucking eyebrows perfectly is not an easy task, and for this reason many women resort to the beauty salon to always keep them shaped perfectly.

It is that poorly defined eyebrow that does not enhance the attractiveness of your facial features, but rather the opposite, for example, too thin eyebrows will give an aged appearance.

We reveal to you what are the common mistakes when trying to achieve the perfect brows, so that you can avoid them and enhance the beauty of your look.

Common mistakes when plucking eyebrows

Common mistakes:

1. Using old tweezers. This is a very common mistake when plucking the eyebrows, because in addition to affecting the final result, it also puts the health of the first skin in that area at risk. It is essential that to speed up hair removal and be able to remove the most rebellious hairs the first time, you have fairly new and quality tweezers. Also, in order to avoid irritations, we recommend cleaning them just before and after using them with a little ethyl alcohol.
2. Very frequent hair removal. Do not make the mistake of plucking your eyebrows every day. It is best to let the hair grow and wax once every two to three weeks, so the result will be much more satisfactory.
3. Excessive separation. Waxing the sides of the eyebrows too much will give you a very unnatural appearance. Keep in mind that when we remove more hairs from the bead, the initial part of the eyebrows, the eyes appear more separated and the nose more prominent. The same will happen if you overdo it by plucking the final part of the eyebrows, since you will make your eyes look droopy.
4. Brow too steep. This is one of the worst mistakes when plucking your eyebrows, because shaping them and leaving a very pronounced arch will not make your facial expression attractive and will modify your natural beauty. Therefore, it is recommended to make changes while preserving, as much as possible, the original shape of the eyebrows.
5. Unwillingly. If you do not want these unsightly black spots to appear because the hairs have not been removed correctly from the roots, we advise you to pluck your eyebrows always following the direction in which the hair grows.
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