How to grow eyebrows fast

The shape of your eyebrows can change your face. The result will depend on their shape, design and whether they are worn thick or thin, a trend that over the years has been changing with fashion.

In general, eyebrows are much thicker today than they were a few years ago. So, if you are not happy with your last eyebrow waxing or you want them to look thicker, consider the following.


How to grow eyebrows fast

Products to grow eyebrows

There are different products on the market to make eyebrows grow faster. These products generally come in the form of creams, and you can also find serums and other liquids.

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However, there are people who prefer to avoid these products since many contain harmful chemicals for sensitive skin. So, if you are one of those people and want to grow eyebrows quickly and naturally, here are some of the best natural home remedies.

1. Olive oil is a fantastic natural moisturizer to stimulate hair growth and strengthen at the same time. Soak a brush or swab well with virgin olive oil and brush your eyebrows.

2. Rosemary essential oil works because its moisturizing properties act on dormant follicles, stimulating hair growth in these areas. However, look for a quality rosemary essential oil and always mix it with any other type of oil (such as baby oil, for example) to soften its aroma and avoid skin irritations.

3. Castor oil contains vitamins that the hair needs to grow strong and healthy; omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E and other minerals perfect for repairing the skin. This oil is also widely used as a remedy for eyebrows grow faster.

4.  Almond oil for eyebrows is one of the well-kept secrets of bloggers and beauty lovers. It is a natural ingredient rich in vitamins, proteins and macronutrients essential to moisturize the skin and stimulate hair growth and strengthening. However, you must bear in mind that the only effective and beneficial oil for your skin is sweet almond essential oil, so make sure you buy the right one and that it is of good quality.

5. Another product to grow eyebrows is petroleum jelly, an ingredient with great moisturizing properties that allow to repair damaged body tissues, as is the case with eyebrows. If you opt for this treatment, you should know that it is also essential to always repeat it before going to sleep so that it can take effect throughout the night.

6. Did you know that onion is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for hair growth? The sulfur in the juice of this food stimulates the area where it is applied and thus enhances hair growth. However, it is a home remedy that can vary greatly depending on each person and can take a few weeks to take effect.

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