4 types of trendy curly perms to try!

Thinking of curling your hair permanently? This look was very fashionable in the 80s and now it is a trend again! We already know that all good things end up coming back so curly hair is back too! However, unlike eighties fashion, currently the style that is most promoted is more natural, betting on soft waves that give more volume to the mane and more vitality. Although, it is also true, that afro hair is more fashionable than ever and we can see it in both men and women. If you want to curl your hair, here we discover 4 types of curly perms that will help you change your look and make you look gorgeous.

curly perms

The advantages of a curly perm

If you are thinking of changing your look, you should know that currently there are different types of curly perms that adapt to the preferences of each person. In addition, choosing to curl or wave your hair is a great idea to get more movement to manes that are very smooth or have little hair. A perm manages to add more volume to the hair, making it look lush and with more life.

For this reason, many women with straight hair nowadays choose to have a soft perm that looks natural and instead of choosing small curls, they opt for bigger curls that curl their hair and give it more life. You should know that, in addition to this more radical and invasive technique, you can also choose to wave your hair at home with curlers, the iron, etc., but as soon as you wash your hair, your curls will go away.

With the permanent you get a curly or wavy mane for 3 to 6 months and, therefore, you will avoid the constant use of curling irons, the iron, etc. It is a good alternative if what you are looking for is to have hair with more volume.

Professional perm with curlers, a new trend!

Traditional perms have always been made with chemicals and heat to keep the curl longer. This is the most common method and the one that you will surely find at your nearest hairdresser, but you should know that currently there is a type of curly perm that instead of using these aggressive products, uses another technique: curlers or body- rubbers.

They are curlers that are made of a soft material (such as silicone) and that are placed curled into your hair to offer you the curls or waves that you want. Then apply a less invasive product than usual and whose odor is less strong, so that in 15 minutes you can enjoy a healthier permanent for your hair.

With this new technique, the hair is not suffered so much because the products that are used to fix the hairstyle contain beneficial elements for the hair, such as essential amino acids or fruit acids. Within this type of permanent we differentiate two ways to do it:

Direct permanent curl

To make this permanent, the hairdresser will put the curlers through your hair and, at the same time, apply the liquid of the permanent. In this way, it is achieved that, from the first moment, your hair is assimilating the fixation.

Indirect permanent

In this, the curlers will be placed all over your hair first and, once ready, they will apply the liquid to your hair.

If instead of curly hair you are looking for hair with waves, what you should ask your hairdresser is to do a molding because, in this way, the utensils that she will use to make the curl will be wider and, thus, the hair it will not curl but will only undulate. Anyway, if you have very long hair, it is NOT recommended to do a shaping because it will hardly hold you.

Partial permanent curl

The second of the types of curly perms that we are going to discover in this article is the one known as “partial”. In other words, it is a treatment that does not curl all the hair, but only focuses on waving or curling part of it, such as the ends, half head, etc.

This type of method is indicated for women who just want to give their hair more volume without completely curling their hair. Normally, curly perms start from root to tip, and therefore curl starts from the start; if you opt for a partial perm, you can choose which areas you want to curl or curl.

You should bear in mind that this type of hairstyle is intended for women who have short or medium- length hair, since those with very long hair (more than 30 centimeters) will get more weight from the curl and, therefore, will end up leaving more. Fast the permanent.

Standing wavy

Many women want to have their hair permed because they want to break up their straight hair and give it more volume and vitality. Therefore, they are not looking for completely curly hair, but what they want is to have waves in the mane so that it looks more abundant and lush. If this is your case and you have long hair, the best option for you is to opt for a wavy perm.

The hairdresser, instead of taking the curling products that achieve a small and much defined curl, will opt for other utensils with which she will define wider, lighter waves, etc. Of course: if your hair is long, it is best to start the treatment from the same root because, with the passage of days, they will fall off and you will get the look you want so much.

Standing spiral

We finish with the last of the 4 types of curly perms to tell you about the one that is done in a spiral. This method is thought for the longest manes although it can also be done in those that are short. In this case, the hairdresser will place the curlers vertically (instead of horizontally, which is how it is traditionally done) and will allow the chemical to penetrate all the layers of the hair.

What will you achieve with this method? Instead of having waves, you will have curls, very elegant and sophisticated hair that is perfect for women who want to be perfect at all times.

Other aspects to consider

Once you already know these types of perms to curl your hair, below we will discover some aspects that it is important for you to know before deciding on this type of hairstyle:

  • You do not need to have long hair: the permanent works with both short and long hair and, in fact, it is the best result for short hair or shoulders. Afro hair is usually achieved with very short hair
  • This treatment usually lasts 2 hoursduring which they have to let the product penetrate deeply into the hair; This does not happen in the case of the first technique that we have mentioned of the perm with curlers but not all hairdressers do it.
  • After the perm you will not be able to wash your hair for the next 36 hoursas the product that has been applied has to settle on your hair.
  • The first days you will notice the curl very markedbut, do not worry, as soon as you wash it you will see how it lowers and undulates to your liking.
  • It is not recommended for people with hair longer than 30 cm because, in these cases, the hair is too heavy and the curls will end up straightening. So, before doing anything to yourself, check with your trusted hairdresser.