What are the good vitamins for my skin?

What are the good vitamins for my skin

Vitamin A

This helps create pigments in the skin which is why it favors tanning and is very useful for dry skin. In addition, by creating these pigments they make it perfect to combat the symptoms of aging as it makes cells renew faster, which favors the production of collagen. On the other hand, it is a vitamin that acts against acne and other skin problems such as eczema. Foods that contain this vitamin include: milk, fish, lettuce, carrots, eggs, spinach, and melons.

Vitamin B

It is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. But it is not only good for the skin, but also for hair and nails. It is perfect to help against rosacea. On the other hand, it stimulates cell circulation, which will help you show off good skin color. Some foods that contain this vitamin: blue fish, cereals, whole meal flours, asparagus, legumes and nuts. Another good way to take it is in the form of capsules.

Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C helps strengthen your defenses and your skin. It is perfect to combat the ravages of summer after exposure to the sun. Also, it is recommended if you have had laser hair removal. Foods which contain this vitamin include: fruits, especially citrus; tomatoes, peppers; parsley…

Vitamin E

It works as an antioxidant and helps blood circulation in addition to fighting skin aging. Therefore it is perfect for scars due to its regenerative properties. You can find this in some foods: vegetable oils, nuts, legumes, apples, corn, avocado, bananas.

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  • Do not abuse any vitamin, remember that nothing in excess is good for our body.
  • If you have a skin disease or have a problem, always consult your doctor about the different vitamins you need.

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