How to cure a cold sore

A cold sore is an annoying condition that not only causes pain and itching, but also tends to be embarrassing. This herpes simplex virus is a trigger for cold sores, which usually appear in situations of significant stress, due to weather changes or excessive sun. During outbreaks it is important to take hygiene measures to avoid infecting other people, in the same way it is essential to treat the injury carefully so that it does not worsen.

How to cure a cold sore

Steps to follow to cure a cold sore:

Although cold sores can disappear without treatment in 7 to 14 days, most people prefer to take steps to cure it and thus eliminate its presence more quickly. So a good alternative is to apply a special antiviral cream, as these products reduce pain and facilitate the prompt disappearance of symptoms. They are for sale in pharmacies without the need for a prescription, so you can ask your pharmacist which one he recommends.

An excellent way to cure cold sores and improve their appearance is by applying a vitamin E cream. This nutrient full of benefits, favors the recovery of the area by hydrating it deeply, which reduces symptoms such as burning and itching. If you can’t find a vitamin E cream, lip balm fortified with this nutrient is a great option. Of course, remember that you do not share it with anyone else to avoid infections.

Apply a little ice to the affected area for a few minutes several times a day. The cold will help reduce inflammation, burning and discomfort, significantly relieving symptoms.
During the healing process, oral herpes must be dried, which is achieved by applying a special cream to treat the virus. However, another product for everyday use could help you, which is toothpaste. Apply a little to the affected area three times a day and you will see how your cold sore heals and dries faster.
Also, while you have oral herpes it is important to take into account some measures to avoid spreading it to others or spreading the virus to other areas. Therefore we recommend that: Wash your hands very well after touching the cold sore; and discard all the gauze and cotton you used to treat it.
Avoid touching your nose or eyes, since you run the risk of the virus staying in this area as well. Do not share objects such as cutlery, glasses or towels, in this way you will avoid infecting others.
If your cold sore does not improve within 15 days it is best to visit a doctor.