Enjoy These 10 Benefits of Massages

Think of those days when you’re exhausted and every part of your body hurts. Nothing feels better than a good massage to relax you. We all love a good massage, whether it’s on our back, neck, feet, face… wherever it is, it helps us feel comforted.

But, did you know that relaxation is not the only benefit? Massages offer many other advantages that are not so well-known.

woman enjoying the benefits of massages

10 benefits of massages

They relax the muscles and release the tension. Massages are an ideal way to reward a tired body, this is the benefit most attributed to this practice.
They help control anxiety and depression. Massages help reduce the levels of a hormone called cortisol, which is released in response to stress, thereby lifting your spirits and lowering blood pressure. On the other hand, they can stimulate serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters related to depression.
Relieve pain. There are studies that ensure that massages help to alleviate chronic pain in the back. They have also been linked to a decrease in stiffness, while improving the mobility of people with osteoarthritis.
They improve sleep, as it seems to increase the delta waves of the brain, which are related to deep sleep.
They increase immunity. When a person experiences a period of stress, it is very typical that they fall ill. As it turns out, massages can prevent this, as people who enjoy massage sessions have been shown to experience measurable changes in the responses of their immune and endocrine systems.
They fight premenstrual syndrome. Women have more benefits than men, since massages can reduce annoying premenstrual symptoms such as bloating or mood swings.
They improve alertness. A study showed that people receiving them report an increase in speed and precision for performing mathematical calculations.
They reduce headaches. Massage therapies are twice as effective for migraines: they decrease the amount and lessen your discomfort.
They contribute to beauty. Massages on the face and head are not only pleasant, but also make the skin look more radiant and the hair healthier by increasing blood flow.
They facilitate cancer treatments. Massages are particularly helpful for people who need to be treated for serious illnesses like cancer, as several studies have shown to relieve fatigue, pain, anxiety, depression, and nausea.