Why Seaweed Is Your Natural Beauty Secret

Green seaweed on sandy beach

There are many benefits of seaweed and they don’t just stop at skincare.

Adding seaweed to your diet can provide many nutritional benefits that will make your whole body healthier.

Some varieties of seaweed can act as a detox. You may have heard of clearing toxins from your system by doing a colon cleanse, and some seaweeds can be used just for that purpose.

You can also use seaweed in the forms of creams, soaps, and wraps as well.

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Kale, for example, can not only be added to many of your foods to get even more of a health benefit, but it can also be used as a body scrub.

Several varieties of crushed algae have been used for creating facial masks and scrubs.

Another seaweed that has been used as a beauty treatment is Carrageenan. This Irish seaweed is used to thicken creams used in cosmetics.

Bladderwrack is used to help remove cellulite by applying this cream to those trouble spots.

Other benefits of seaweed can be to thicken your hair and prevent hair loss. Many people claim that by taking a seaweed supplement made from Nori, you can not only slow down any hair loss but you can also improve the strength and the rate at which your hair grows.

To get the hair growth benefit, though, you could actually consume the seaweed – since it comes in supplement forms or it can be added to many dishes you already eat, it is a simple thing to get more of it into your daily diet.

Another popular use for seaweed is a wrap. If you enjoy going for spa treatments, you will have no doubt heard about this. A seaweed wrap can help your skin in many ways, but it doesn’t just stop at making your skin look better. Since it can tone, moisturize, oxygenate, and detoxify your body it can also help with other issues such as arthritis relief, help heal strains, increase circulation, and even help with weight loss.

You can have a wrap just on your face or a full-body. These will usually last anywhere from one to one-and-half hours. Afterward, you will feel and look relaxed and rejuvenated.

These are just some skincare with seaweed benefits you can get from this amazing sea vegetable. You can use it to make your skin look good on the outside by improving the health on the inside.