The basic products that should be in your makeup case

All girls know that makeup is one of our best allies helping to highlight your most outstanding features while serving to hide those small imperfections.

A makeup or cosmetic case is an essential for most women. When it comes to going on a trip or spending the whole day on the street, it is appropriate to know what are the basic products needed to look fabulous.

First of all, it is good to have a good makeup case, suitable for the size and quantity of products. It is not convenient that your cosmetics are piled up or thrown anywhere, this could affect their texture and quality. However, if you have a very large case at home, it is convenient to buy a smaller travel size.


makeup case surrounded by makeup products

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Steps to follow:

1. To start with the ABC’s of every makeup case, you cannot miss the concealer. This wonderful product is intended to correct blemishes such as dark circles, marks, scars, etc., making it a very useful item.
2. The foundation and the compact powder is something that, depending on the skin type, some women use and others do not. The base is a very useful product to match the color of the skin and make it look more uniform.
3. In the case of the compact, it helps to make the concealer and foundation feel better on the skin, while covering some imperfections.
4. Lipstick can never be missing from a basic makeup case. No matter the type you choose, you should always take it with you to touch up in the event that a special dinner or engagement arises during the day. It is also advisable to always carry a moisturizing balm with us to avoid dry lips.
5. Fundamental! the blush, which will help you bring more colour to your face while highlighting your cheekbones.
6. If you like to highlight your eyes, but you are lazy to make up with shadow, in your basic makeup case you should always have an eyeliner and a good mascara.
7. Also, if the plan is to prepare your makeup case for travel, you should add a good facial moisturizer, an eye contour cream, a special sunscreen for the face and a makeup remover. These products will help you keep your skin beautiful and perfect day by day.

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