Lose Weight With the Amazing Keto Diet

Plate filled with keto diet foods

If you’re interested in using ketogenic diets (keto diets) to lose weight, it’s a good idea to get some information about what the term “ketosis” means. As you might imagine, this is not the same thing as using the Atkins diet. ketosis is a condition that can occur naturally in the body, but under certain conditions can cause a sudden drop in blood glucose levels.      

As you may know, sugar (glucose) is used by the body’s cells for energy. When there is too much sugar in the blood, glucose isn’t able to reach the cells. For example, during a run at the gym, your muscles would burn your stored fat, but if your blood sugar was low, they wouldn’t be able to replenish the sugar quickly enough to keep going.

What happens when your body needs to get the glucose it needs? It turns to fat for fuel, which helps supply it.

If you experience ketosis, you may feel dizzy, nauseous, tired, weak, and/or exhausted. Many people experience these symptoms at first, but when you adjust to your new, low-glycemic diet, they subside and you soon find yourself burning calories and improving your overall health.

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The two essential benefits of ketosis are weight loss and better insulin resistance. In fact, studies have shown that even overweight people with diabetes are able to use ketosis to lose weight.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to find out if a keto diet is right for you. The important questions are: What types of foods are best, and how long do I need to follow keto to see any significant results? Here are some answers:

How to get started? Ketosis is a natural state in the body. And it works as most people find they lose about five pounds after four days of following a very low-carbohydrate diet. You’ll notice your energy level increases, and your skin improves. You’ll also get more sleep and be less likely to snore or suffer from depression.

Depending on your weight loss goals, you may need to reduce your carbs gradually. If you want to start with 100g per day, start with one day on keto, and then follow it up with a week on a carb-free diet, and then a week of no carbs. At first, you’ll want to adjust your carbs by eating foods high in fiber and protein. As you find your macros and the proper balance, you can move on to carbs.

How long should you follow keto? The answer to this question is “as long as you want”. While you may lose weight, your results will vary and it depends on several factors including what you eat, your age, genetics, body size, current activity level, and so on. The good news is that many people feel great after one week, then lose 10 pounds more and gain all the weight back.

Ketosis dieting can be a great way to achieve weight loss. And because the effects don’t last long, it’s easy to introduce carbohydrates back into your diet gradually. No matter if you need to lose a few pounds or just a few inches, keto dieting is a great way to get the body you’ve always wanted.

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