Importance of Exercise When Losing Weight

Exercise is an activity that should be adopted by everyone as a part of their daily routine. It is essential for keeping you healthy and has numerous benefits associated with it. Especially for people who are trying to lose weight, exercise is a must. The importance of exercise for people trying to lose weight is tremendous: burning more calories, the risk of heart diseases decreases, depression and anxiety decrease, prevention of loss of muscle mass occurs, and a healthy diet is easily incorporated into your lifestyle. It is also important in keeping the weight off. This article will discuss each aspect of the importance of exercise for weight loss in detail.

Woman utilizing the importance of exercise

Increase in burning of calories:

One of the benefits of exercise that emphasize its importance for losing weight is that exercise burns calories.  On average, an adult man needs 2200 calories per day to maintain weight, while a woman needs 1800 calories per day. Burning calories that have exceeded this value results in weight loss.

Hence, by exercising and burning calories, you can more efficiently lose weight. Moreover, exercise also increases your metabolic rate, thereby helping with weight loss. The metabolic rate is a measure of how fast you are burning calories. Therefore, by exercising, you can increase your weight loss significantly.

Decrease in risk of cardiovascular diseases:

Another necessary benefit of exercise to consider is that it decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise is necessary when we talk about the importance of exercise for losing weight. During losing weight, you decrease your food intake by a specific amount.

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Even though this is necessary for losing weight, it is a change in your daily routine. Hence, your body will also go through this change of getting fewer energy reserves because of your weight loss plan. Consequently, you are at risk of certain diseases, including blood pressure and heart attack. By exercising to lose weight, this risk can be reduced as one of the benefits of exercising is that it increases and improves your blood flow.

Reduction in symptoms of depression:

Depression and other mental illnesses reduce as a benefit of exercising. This is important when talking about exercising to lose weight. An overweight person feels demotivated frequently during their journey, and our society isn’t easy on them either.

As a result, they can experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is prevented by exercising regularly while losing weight as exercise induces the release of hormones and chemicals that lower stress and regulate your mood. It also prevents the release of toxic chemicals in your immune system, which cause depression symptoms.

Prevention of muscle loss:

Due to dieting for weight loss, you lose 25% of your muscles. By adding exercise as an activity for weight loss, and strength training, you can build back that muscle.

Keeping weight off:

By keeping a practice of doing medium to heavy exercise every day, you can lose weight and be successful in keeping it off. It might seem difficult at the start; however, if you keep on exercising, it will start to become an activity you look forward to.

A healthier diet:

Exercise will lead to a healthier diet, which is necessary for weight loss.  As exercise increases metabolic rate, you feel hungrier more often and resort to healthy snacks, including fruits and vegetables. Therefore, ultimately exercise leads to weight loss.

Activities to try:

Below we list down different exercising activities that help in weight loss.

  • Cleaning the house: burns up to 300 calories.
  • Gardening, dancing, biking: burns up to 500 calories.
  • Football, jogging, swimming: burns up to 700 calories.
  • Running: burns up to 900 calories.

Best time to exercise:

The best time to exercise is as soon as you wake up in the morning. Spare thirty minutes before having breakfast for your exercise, and then resort to your daily tasks.

Frequency of exercise:

It is recommended that you exercise every day for the best results because exercise does not take much of your time. However, for starters, you can begin with exercising every other day.

These activities do not require any additional equipment, so there is no need to worry about additional costs. They are simple, everyday activities that most of you might practice each day already, e.g., gardening, dancing, or cleaning the house.

If you incorporate even one of these for an hour in your daily routine, the above-stated benefits of exercise for weight loss will make their way towards you in no time! So, gear up; it is time to lose some weight!



Can exercise for weight loss be strenuous for a person?

The strenuousness of an exercise depends on the type of exercise you do. It is advised that at the start of your weight loss journey, you start with less tiring exercises that are helpful but not difficult to do. As you progress in your journey, you can increase the difficulty of the exercises you do. E.g., referring to our activity list, you can start with just cleaning the house.

How do I take out time for exercise from my daily routine?

Half an hour a day at the start will be enough for you. You can adjust that half an hour according to your schedule; it can be as soon as you wake up or before sleeping. Just make sure you exercise an hour before or after having a meal. After a few weeks, you will be motivated enough to give more time to your exercise.

What is the correct way to exercise?

The most advised way is to exercise in front of a mirror so you can see your posture and angles. After fifteen minutes of your exercise, you should drink two glasses of water. Refrain from drinking a whole glass of water during exercise; a few sips suffice. Moreover, it would be best to eat at least an hour after exercise and wait an hour after eating to exercise.

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