How to find body pressure points to relax

Using the pressure points of the human body is a convenient and effective way to relax. By stimulating the muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves in specific areas of the body you can take your body to a moment of peace, tranquility and euphoria. In this article we tell you how to find the body’s pressure points to relax.

Female having he pressure points massaged to relax


An easy way to relax with pressure points is to press on your temples. This is the flat part of the head next to the eyes. Apply direct inward pressure to both sides of the head at the same time. Work the pressure in a slow circular motion by moving your fingers slightly.

As you move around the temples, you will notice that the stress is moving away. This pressure point is also good for relieving headaches.


Many people store tension in the neck. Relax with pressure points on the sides of the neck. Press inward on the muscles on either side of the spine, then release and move your fingers less than an inch up. Upon reaching the base of the skull it begins to descend in the same way.

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Avoid pressure on the spine itself. Press only on the muscles around the spine.


A useful pressure point is found in the first dorsal intercourse. This is the muscle piece located between the thumb and index finger. Separate the index finger from the middle finger and you will see it contract. Apply pressure to both sides of the hand as close to the bones as possible. This pressure point is said to relieve pain from muscle cramps to anxiety.


People who sit up and rise impulsively often feel the tension in their lower back. Help your back to relax with pressure points on the spine. Start by applying pressure to both sides of the spine where the back meets your elbows. Work down, being careful not to press directly on the spine. Stop once you get to the pelvis.

You can enjoy these pressure points much more if you have someone who does it while lying on your stomach.


The pressure point is just below the ball of the foot and can produce feelings of euphoria throughout your entire body. Start there and pass the pressure along the arch of the foot. The tension leaves the body, and your feet will feel renewed.

Now that you know where to find these, here are some massage therapy techniques you should know of.