How to calm irritated skin with natural remedies

Dryness, redness and intense itching are typical symptoms of very sensitive or a topic skin that in some cases may be accompanied by digestive discomfort. Regardless of its origin, natural medicine offers you a good number of solutions that help alleviate symptoms. Learn how to calm irritated skin with natural remedies below.

Woman soothing irritated skin on her feet with lotion

Steps to follow to calm irritated skin:

Strengthen your skin with hallucinogenic acid (GLA), this essential fatty acid that is abundant in evening primrose, forage or black currant oils, nourishes the dermis and reduces inflammation and itching. You can take it as a supplement at meals or apply it directly to the skin in the form of oil or included as cream ingredients.
Sea buck thorn, its oil is a source of omega 7 that helps improve dry skin, eczema and dermatitis. It is recommended between 1 and 2 g per day of sea buck thorn oil in the form of pearls accompanying meals.
Macrobiotics are beneficial bacteria that have a positive effect on digestion, reducing allergies and food intolerance that can aggravate a topic skin symptoms. They are found in yogurts, although in some cases supplements with a higher concentration are needed.
The stalks of the Camaraderie relieve chronic eczema and repair the skin. It is used both externally and in tablets and drops. This plant requires some caution so the dose must be adjusted by an expert. Calendar flowers have soothing virtues. It is applied externally in the form of creams or bath gels.
Oatmeal and seaweed baths relieve itching and dryness and have soothing and nourishing properties for the skin, ideal once a week. There are also homeopathy products that are really effective.


  • If your skin is still irritated after these treatments, contact your dermatologist, he will help.

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