How Drinking More Water Can Help You lose Weight

Water is an important part of our diet, perhaps one of the most important aspects. We often overlook the importance of this simple tasteless, and colorless liquid on our health; several people don’t drink much water as they should.

To be healthy, you should be drinking several cups a day. The benefits of drinking more water are very vast; however, if you need even more motivation to start drinking more water – we have just the right thing for you. Drinking water can help you lose weight!

person drinking more water

Water has zero calories!

Yes, that’s right. Each glass of water you drink adds nothing to your daily calorie intake. When losing weight, calories are an essential aspect to consider as a high number of calories results in you gaining more weight.

Typically, it would help if you had 100-500 fewer calories than your required daily intake, and over some time, you will see the results. It’s effortless to exceed our required daily intake if we regularly drink soft-drinks, milkshakes, and packaged juices. Drinking more water as a substitute for other drinks such as soft drinks is an amazing way to lower your calorie intake and greatly helps with weight loss.

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Drinking water before a meal decreases your appetite:

We often over-eat and eat more than we should because we can’t help our stomach cravings. An uncontrolled appetite can be your biggest enemy when dealing with weight-loss.

Some studies have shown that drinking water before a meal can reduce your appetite; this means that you can prevent yourself from over-eating and taking in more calories than you should with this one simple trick. In many cultures worldwide, this is a good practice, and people have been doing it for centuries.

Next time you feel like you’re hungry enough to eat a horse, try drinking some water before your meal. Controlling your appetite will go a long way in helping you with weight loss.

Drinking water helps you burn more calories:

Now that you know this calorie-free magic we call water is helpful, here’s another interesting fact. Drinking water can help you burn more calories and ultimately help you lose weight. This is called “resting energy expenditure” and helps you passively burn more calories than you normally would.

Several studies have shown that drinking more water can significantly help with weight loss if a person regularly has sufficient amounts. You should drink water as an alternative to unhealthy drinks to burn more calories over-time and gradually burn off the layer of fat you want to get rid of. Moreover, this would help you make sure you’re not taking in more calories than you should and thus ensuring that you’re on the right track to lose weight.

Water is necessary for your body to metabolize or “burn” the fat since your body cannot do it without it. Therefore, drinking more water makes sure that your body can always burn fat and have sufficient water to do so.

Water helps remove waste from the body:

Water is essential to remove waste products from your body. Your kidneys need it to filter out waste. Moreover, dehydration can even make you feel bloated and negatively affect your stool and intestinal processes, adding a little to your waist.

Therefore, it’s essential not only for your weight management but also to make sure your body is healthy and can function correctly. If these things are affected, it can also affect your weight-loss goals and the methods you’re using to get there.

If you’re working out, there will be several byproducts of your body’s metabolism as it burns fat. It will need water to replenish your ability to metabolize and get rid of these waste products. So, drinking more water is a must for more efficient weight loss.


What do we take from this? We need to understand that we should not undermine water’s importance in our diets but include it in our meals and drink it regularly.

Drinking more water has undeniable benefits to our health, and now you know how it can even help with weight loss. To lose weight, substitute unhealthy and sugary drinks with water instead of to make sure your calorie intakes are lower than your minimum daily requirements.

Diet is an essential part of weight-loss; as they say, “you can’t outrun a bad diet.” Therefore, drinking water should be taken into account when you try to diet as it helps you lose weight consistently.

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How much water should I drink?

This depends quite a lot on your daily activities as well as some physiological factors. If you work out more often, you will most likely need to drink more water than the average person since it’s being used during your sessions. If you’re relatively inactive, you may not need it as much. Health experts recommend two liters a day, at least to stay healthy. Plus, some of your water intake also come from your foods. Your location also affects how much water you need; if you live in hot or humid areas, you will probably need more water.

Can I drink too much water, and is it dangerous?

Surprisingly, yes, you can! Drinking too much water can also be dangerous for your health. One of the sole reasons for this is that it affects the balance of electrolytes and ions in your body, affecting your health and functioning. Drinking too much water can dilute the amount of, for example, sodium in your body to a hazardous level. In extreme cases, this could be fatal or seriously impair you.

Are juices just as good?

Most store-bought juices contain high amounts of sugar, which drastically increase your calorie intake. This will not help with weight loss whatsoever. Drinking certain fresh juices is healthy and essential – such as orange juice or beetroot. However, remember that you would still need to drink enough water for the day and not substitute water with these juices and smoothies. Having a few glasses here and there definitely will not affect your weight loss journey, so don’t fret! Read the benefits of juicing here.