Here Is How You Can Lose Weight Doing Yoga

Group losing weight doing yoga

If you practice yoga, you’ll get support for your mental, physical, and spiritual development so you can create your best version. If you want to lose weight, yoga is an effective way, particularly the more active forms of yoga. But you can also lose weight through relaxing and gentle yoga practices. To bring a healthy weight for your yoga works in different ways to burn calories. Here are a few of them.

Yoga and better sleep

You can upgrade the quality of your sleep by practicing yoga. When you have a consistent yoga practice, you may find that you can sleep more deeply and fall asleep more easily. Each night, it’s ideal for getting sleep for 6-9 hours. Weight loss is related to quality sleep. You can lose more fat if you sleep deeply for at least five days weekly.

Yoga is generally a relaxation practice that you perform while lying down. It increases mindfulness and helps you sleep more deeply. You can develop weight loss goals by setting intentions during yoga. A study shows that people have a high level of mindfulness who practice yoga for eight weeks.

Yoga and Mindfulness

The spiritual and mental aspects of performing yoga are the development of mindfulness. On many levels, this increases your awareness. You can become more conscious about the reaction of food on your body, mind, and spirit. People resist comfort food and unhealthy foods more quickly if they increase mindfulness through yoga practice. They also get more alert to their body, so they know well when they are full and stop eating.

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People who are fighting to lose weight in other ways also find yoga beneficial. A study shows that mindfulness training positively impacts physical activity participation and binge or impulsive eating. Weight loss is associated with more extended periods of mindfulness training, as there is no significant effect on weight loss directly. To lose weight with yoga:

  • Do not perform yoga with a full stomach.
  • Make healthy, eating choices.
  • After yoga, opt for unprocessed and fresh food.
  • Chew your food thoroughly.
  • Eat slow

Yoga and Calorie Burning:

Aerobic exercises do not include yoga yet more physical types of yoga present to burn calories and prevent weight gain. More physical types of yoga include:

  • Vinyasa
  • Ashtanga
  • Power Yoga

Hot Yoga studios offer power yoga and vinyasa. You have to move always in these types of yoga, which leads to burning calories. You can improve your metabolism and develop your muscle tone by practicing yoga.

Restorative yoga can also help you lose weight, although it is not a physical type of yoga. You can lose weight overnight through restorative yoga. Yoga helps you with weight loss, behavioral change, increase mindfulness, maintenance by burning calories, and reducing stress. These factors can make you aware of the effects of overheating and help you to reduce food intake.

How frequently should you do yoga to lose weight?

To lose weight, practice yoga as often as possible You should do a more intense, active practice at least one hour and five to three times per week. With a more gentle and relaxing class, you can balance out your practice. Yin, Hatha, and restorative yoga classes are the best choices.

Start slowly if you’re a beginner and gradually build up your practice. It allows you to prevent injuries and build up your flexibility and strength. Do a self-practice for at least 20 minutes if you don’t have time for a full class on certain days. Each week allow yourself one full day of rest. You can combine your yoga practice with activities such as cycling, walking, or swimming for additional cardiovascular advantages.

Avoid weighing yourself directly after a yoga class as part of your routine, especially if it’s a hot yoga class. Keep in mind to weight yourself each day at the same time.

If you don’t have a schedule for a full session, here are a few yoga poses:

Boat Pose:

It helps to reduce stress by engaging your whole body, particularly your core. You can do it by Extending your legs together while sitting. While lifting your feet, bend your knees, and extend your arms. It is advisable to hold this pose for 30 seconds and repeat it at least five times.

Sun Salutations:

By speeding up the pace or holding some of the positions for more extended periods, you can increase the intensity. Start by lifting your arms overhead while standing and then step, jump, or walk your feet back in plank pose. It is wise to hold this position for up to 5 breaths.

Plank pose:

Start by stepping your feet back from a tabletop position with your heels lifted. Keep your body in a linear way by engaging your arm, core, and leg muscles. It is advisable to hold this pose for at least 1 minute.


If you want to try yoga weight loss, commit to your practice and yourself. Set modest goals and make gradual, small changes so that you’re more likely to stick to them. As you deepen your awareness and practice, you may find yourself naturally attracted to healthy living and food ways. It’s expected that you’ll lose weight as it is not guaranteed. You can get far beyond weight loss with your positive results.

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What type of yoga is best for weight loss?

Choose one of the flowing, vigorous styles of yoga if your goal is weight loss. Smart choices are Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Power Yoga. All of these have cardiovascular benefits as they traditionally last 90 minutes.

Can you lose weight doing yoga every day?

Yoga can help you lose weight as part of a regular exercise regimen because it burns calories. Yoga can reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and help you live a healthier lifestyle, which is considered a more considerable benefit of yoga.

How much can you lose weight in a month with yoga?

You can lose 10-12 kg of weight in just a month by taking care of what you are eating and incorporating yoga into your daily routine. It is a straightforward way to lose weight, which requires no time.