Easy Body Weight Training You Can Do In Your Bedroom

Woman doing body weight training in her bedroom

Using just your body weight or the items found in your bedroom, here are six exercises and a complete body weight training routine that you can do at home.

Squats are a key component of body weight workouts. While mastering the correct squat is important, the exercise is easy to do literally anywhere, and requires no equipment. It is best to do a standard body weight squat or jump squat. Jump squats are great because they build lower body stability and work your legs. The squats are also known to seriously work your butt muscles. And, if you have a chair in your room, you can use it for split squats or strides.

ABS Training

In addition to building abdominal muscles, we know that working your core helps improve your shape for many exercises, including running. Also, the beauty of many basic movements is that you can easily do them at home.

Sit-ups are one step to any body weight workout at home. If necessary, you can tuck your feet under a dresser or bed frame for support. Just make sure it’s sturdy first.

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Burpees are one of the best exercises to do in your room. They work a lot of muscles in your body and they also help raise your heart rate. While burpees can be modified, we suggest including a jump in the six-move series before moving toward the floor. Not everyone can do a full push-up, so generally, ‘jump, come down, and then put your chest on the floor’, however you have to try to do it.


Push-ups can be done in your room, either on the floor or on a training mat. If you want to challenge yourself, you can also do it with a chair. Chairs are great for different types of push-ups. One suggestion is to put your feet up on the chair and move through the upward push motion with your legs elevated. It all depends on your physical condition and if you are starting or not.


Planks are a full body exercise. Not only do you compromise the core muscles while maintaining the position, but you also work the muscles in your arms and legs. The beauty of a plank is that you can time your grip and always try to exceed your goal. However, it is important to make sure that your form and technique are correct so that you do not injure your back or wrists.


A desk chair or bed frame is useful for backgrounds. Standing away from the furniture, extend your legs straight and lower your body to the floor using the strength of your arms. Then push yourself into the starting position. This bodyweight exercise may sound simple, but it’s a triceps burner.

Full body weight training without equipment

If you want to do a different circuit that guarantees to increase your heart rate and burn your muscles, we suggest this example. Training is a series of 10 different exercises with different repetitions.

Here is the circuit:

  • 100 squats
  • 90 squats
  • 80 strides
  • 70 jumps
  • 1 60-second table
  • 50 mountaineers
  • 40 push-ups
  • 30 jump squats
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 10 burpees to finish.

Then go do the reverse, starting with the burpees making their way to the squats. We assure you that with this body weight training you will greatly increase the burning of calories to the maximum.

If you’re doing body weight training you’ll definitely want to know everything about a hypercaloric diet and nutrients.