Daily Workout Guide for Beginners

girl using daily workout guide for beginners

Exercise is essential for everyone out there, regardless of what age group they belong to. The continuous movement of the muscles is necessary for everyone. Whether you are a 15-year-old trying to get longer or a 60-year-old wanting to take some rest, exercise is a must for you. Of course, the amount of training varies according to your preference and age. The end goal is the same: to get fit physically and mentally and get a healthier lifestyle. Now the biggest question is, where to start? Here we have compiled a fitness program for you to get started: Daily Workout Guide for Beginners.

The gym or your home?

The biggest question in your head when you decide to start work out is ‘should I join a gym?’ And the answer is simple and straightforward: It is your choice. It is literally up to you; you can start your fitness program in the comfort of your home, or you can head for the gym.

Either way, it only matters about the type of exercise you want to do. Continuous movement is what matters, and that is what will make you healthy, relaxed and fit. We have sorted the different kinds of exercises for you and the best place to do them in this daily workout guide for beginners.

Strength training:

This type of fitness program is meant to make your muscles and bones stronger. Bodybuilders opt for this fitness program. It includes weight training, i.e., lifting heavy weights and hence should be done at the gym.

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This fitness program is meant for primary and straightforward body movements, e.g., sit-ups, lunges, etc. Therefore, it can be done at your home too.


Now, this fitness program is for all of you out there who want to stay fit but don’t want to practice tiring exercises. The workouts in this category are continuous movement activities: dancing, swimming, running, or even cleaning your home. So, this can quickly be done at home.


The name says it all; flexibility workouts are done to make your body more flexible, ranging from stretches to yoga. Hence, they can quickly be done at home as part of your fitness program.

Now that you know the four major types of workouts and the best place to get started with them, let’s move on to the few things you need to take care of. To begin with, your fitness program.

Set a plan:

Everything begins with a plan. If you don’t have a plan before starting a new project, things get messy and out of hand pretty quickly. The best way to properly implement your fitness program is to sit down on your laptop, select a few exercises you’d like to begin with, and note them down. Then watch videos to see how they are done and make a schedule.

Write the repetitions or the duration of every exercise with it, and then edit your daily to-do list to fit this new daily workout guide for beginners in it. The key is to set your goals and your schedule in your mind first, so you know you need to do this.

Start small, but make it a habit:

When we talked about selecting the exercise you want to do, we didn’t mean that you jot down 50 pushups in your notebook as the first exercise in your fitness program.

Start with small and simple, easy to do exercises with fewer repetitions, gradually build up to more challenging exercises and increase the duration. The reason is that you are beginning, and at the start, your body won’t be familiar with the exercises and the consequent burn it will be going through.

With time, as your body becomes friendly to your fitness regime, you can burden it with more work. But for beginners, begin slow and small, and make it habitual. Until you practice your fitness program with discipline and dedication, you will not achieve the desired results.

Daily Workout for beginners sample fitness program:

Here is a sample one week workout program for those of you who are unable to figure out where to start:

  • Monday: Start with a 30-minute jog at a slow pace. End the workout with ten toe touching stretches and ten sit-ups/lunges.
  • Tuesday: Take a rest.
  • Wednesday: Start with a 15 minutes jog at a medium pace. Then move on to 15 sit-ups, 15 lunges and end it with five leg stretches.
  • Thursday: Take a rest.
  • Friday: Do a 40-minute jog; 10 minutes at a medium pace switching to 10 minutes at a slow pace, and so on. After a rest of 5 minutes, do eight sit-ups and ten stretches.
  • Saturday: Take a rest.
  • Sunday: Set your fitness program as you like.

So, in the end, the point is that you cannot just think you should work out and start at it, and that’ll be the end. You need to plan it, adjust it in your schedule, choose your exercises according to your preference, and see if you want to start at your home or in the gym.

You need to focus on it and implement it with dedication. You need to have the drive and the motivation to go through with it every day, and only then will you see your desired results. So, tie those shoes; it is not a comfortable ride ahead!

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How much exercise should I do each day?

For a beginner, 30-45 minutes each day of exercise are what you should go with. Exercise for less than 30 minutes will not be as beneficial to you as you would like. Make sure, though, that you exercise each day. After at least two weeks of 45 minutes of exercise each day, you can increase it to an hour and improve your workouts’ intensity.

What kind of diet should I take when I start my fitness program?

A healthy diet with more nutrients is recommended. Primarily, make fruits and vegetables an essential part of your diet as you start your fitness program. And remember: drink at least eight glasses of water each day.