8 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Losing weight seems impossible sometimes, but weight loss motivation is the key to make any weight loss plan successful. Most people take exercise as a painful activity, which is one of the critical reasons behind losing motivation. Lack of motivation leads to frustration and self-blame for not being able to stick to a weight loss plan when it’s not your fault. In this article, you will catch some ways to motivate yourself to lose weight because giving up is not a solution. If you are strongly firm to lose weight, then here are the eight ways to motivate yourself during your weight loss journey.

Woman motivating herself to lose weight with dumbbells in hand

1.   Find your inspiration

Find what will inspire you to stick to the changes that you have made to lose weight. Ask yourself why it is that you want to lose weight. Find the answer to your “Why.”

To feel better physically or to help prevent serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, or stroke might be an answer to your “why.” Just find your inspiration and write it down. It will keep you going through the journey and motivate you to get into shape.

2.   Make a plan:

If you need weight loss motivation, one way is to start losing weight with a healthy plan. A diet plan will spread your diet across the entire day and limit your calories each day to a specific number.

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When you consume certain calories, you eat differently, and the weight falls off. Remember that extreme diet plans are not sustainable in the long term, and you end up regaining weight. Having a proper and healthy plan will lead to astonishing results and keep you motivated.

3.   Set realistic goals:

One of the significant ways for motivation is to set realistic goals of losing weight. Completely fixing your diet in one day is easier said than to be done. Rather than cutting out every unhealthy item in your diet, adjust to your diet slowly, and develop a realistic diet plan to keep up with how many calories you consume.

Use a calorie counter to determine how much you can allow yourself each day. If you don’t set a realistic goal, you become overwhelmed with pressure and likely to be discouraged. Ditch the quick results mentally and focus on long-term results.

4.   Work out in the morning:

Another way to keep weight loss motivation is to work out in the morning. Morning is the best time to work out because, for most people, it’s a time when motivation is at its peak. After the whole day, your energy and motivation may diminish, and it becomes harder to drag yourself into the gym. Moreover, working out in the morning improves blood circulation too.

5.   Be versatile in your routine:

One of the best ways to stay motivated in your weight loss journey is to bring changes in your routine with time. If you stick with the same workout routine for a long time, you may find it boring and repetitive and eventually lose motivation. Try to keep your exercise routine fresh and exciting. A variety of exercises retain your interest and motivation till the end.

6.   Don’t measure your weight daily:

If you want to motivate yourself to lose weight, then stop weighing yourself daily. The daily fluctuations will negatively affect your motivation and cause emotional shifts. Weigh yourself once a week and note it down. Keep up with the weekly progress by doing it each week. It will help you more than a number on a scale, and you will feel more motivated to lose weight.

7.   Eat a healthy and balanced diet:

A healthy and balanced diet is a motivation itself. Bad eating habits can make your hard work all for not, and there is no worse motivation killer than a lack of results. The healthier your diet is, the more energy you will have, and the more motivated you will be. A balanced diet consisting of fruits, veggies, meat, legumes, and dairy is a must for losing weight because healthy foods fuel the workouts.

If you need some help with your diet here are are articles on healthy nutrition.

8.   Reward yourself:

Last but not least, rewarding yourself is another best way to stay motivated. Reward yourself with something enjoyable on accomplishing your small goals. Get yourself a present or buy something new. Rewards make you feel better about yourself, stay motivated, and make you enjoy your weight loss journey even more.


Losing weight is not a one-night process. It takes your time, energy, and effort. Weight loss motivation is at its peak at the start, but with time, it fades away after some time, and you end up regaining your weight. Try to follow some incredible ways to motivate yourself to lose weight and achieve your goal.

Educate yourself more about nutrition and the whole science of weight loss, which will help you maintain your weight. Setting realistic goals, making a healthy diet plan, exercising, and a balanced diet will definitely give you practical and long-lasting results.



How can I get myself motivated to lose weight?

You can get motivated yourself to lose weight by following these ways;

  • Find your inspiration and determine the reason why you want to lose weight, and write them down.
  • Make a plan before you start losing weight.
  • Set realistic goals & expectations.
  • Workout in the morning.
  • Be versatile in your routine.
  • Don’t measure your weight daily.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Reward yourself.

How can I lose 8 lbs fast?

Losing weight fast is not a long-term solution. Still, you can lose weight by varying your routine and habits.

  • Eat more lean proteins and avoid crabs.
  • Avoid most processed junk foods and consume whole foods.
  • Follow the calorie deficit rule.
  • Stay active all day to keep your metabolism high.
  • Switch to intermittent fasting for effective & rapid weight loss.

How do you mentally discipline yourself to lose weight?

Don’t be complicated, and keep it simple. When we bring too many changes at once, we end up getting bored and lose our motivation. Try to take action on one thing at a time. Be consistent with this till it becomes a habit, then jump to another one. For example, you can adopt a habit of preparing a healthy lunch each evening for the next day to bring it to work or a habit of going for a walk after work.