5 Ways to Motivate Yourself for a Better Workout


Some days are great training days. You feel full of energy, you can’t motivate yourself, and you’re excited to get going. But other times, even going to the gym seems like a stressful and boring task. With these 5 tips you can motivate yourself to do your workouts better, and also adapt it to your daily life. Get a different view of your life.

Despite how you feel, there are five ways to change your attitude toward your daily workout. These tricks will not only make going to the gym easier, but the quality of your training will also skyrocket.

1. Remember what your goal is at all times.

Why do you exercise in the first place? Have a very specific goal in which you work to achieve your training purpose.

Write your goal on a sticky note and put it somewhere very visible. This will provide you with a passive reminder of what you are going to accomplish and will make you never forget.

Even a small goal… “My goal this month is to run twice a week” can be enough to dramatically improve the probability of progressively exercising.

2. Visualize your training.

Visualization is a technique used by many athletes to help improve their performance. They imagine themselves winning the race or scoring the goal in a soccer game, and are then more likely to succeed. This same principle can work for you too.

It is enough to create a mental image of what you are going to do in your training, whether it is running, lifting weights, or participating in a yoga class. This process can increase your desire to make exercise happen and can exponentially improve the results you will get from your training!

3. Train with your friends, “but only train”

Exercise is best when you do it with a friend. There is nothing more motivating than knowing that someone is waiting for you at the gym. Not only does a training partner help you avoid skipping exercises when you feel unmotivated, but it can also help you work harder as well.

Ask a friend to be your training partner and then organize a training for both of you and keep it consistent week after week. This helps establish consistency and builds good exercise habits for both of you.

Remember to choose your training partner well and take things seriously and with discipline just like you.

4. Turn up the music and enjoy every moment.

Are there any songs that encourage or motivate you when you are off, sad, or unmotivated? When you’re not feeling any kind of motivation to exercise, this type of joyful music can make all the difference.

Pleasant music can brighten your mood and can distract your mind from the exertion of exercise. In fact, with the right music, exercising has been shown to make you feel 10% easier!

Create a playlist of songs that have a fast tempo: The fastest beat is a mental distraction, perfectly and unconsciously pushes you to keep up with your beat. Your training will be easier and you will end up working harder. Here are some examples of how you can motivate yourself with music and the effects it has on our health.

5. Have a reward.

One of the biggest obstacles to regular exercise is the fact that the ultimate goal (for example, weight loss, getting fit, or getting stronger, etc.) is far away and cannot be accomplished in two days. Results take time and it can be easy to get impatient.

That is why it is good to offer your body rewards that offer instant gratification. Treating yourself with a relaxing bath or your favorite cup of tea after a workout can be a good way to recognize your hard work. I do not like to recommend the idea of cheat food as many of you will have thought at least at the beginning, although some do not think the same as I consider that (at the beginning) it is especially better not to include this type of food since our brain is very bad and very clever and can deceive us.

Even a small reward may be enough to motivate you personally and get a good workout done on those days when you just don’t feel like moving at all.